The installation (280 X 280 X 350 cm) consist of 8 pieces of fused, slamped glass. (5 pieces  70 X 169 X 20 cm, 3 smaller pieces)

Lighting design by Kati Kerstna

Music by Meelis Salujärv


Light creates the world.

Space without light is incomprehensible. Light evokes a mood, light makes objects visible. Light – or lack of it – affects our lives; each country has its own variety of it.                                                                        While we have the white nights of Midsummer and the radiance of snow, we also have snow blindness and November dark.


Slowly moving lights reflect from the multiple layers of the installation, creating the illusion of Aurora Borealis, or of the movement of low angle of sunlight on ice.

The interplay of glass and moving lights is accompanied by music.

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